"The details are not the details, they make the design.” 

-Chales Eames …


Our knowledge and 18-years experience in the home building process allows us to get involved at any stage, including from the ground up (our favorite!) Whether working with an architect at the design stage to re-inventing an existing space, we work with you to build your home the way that you want it built...without compromise and on budget. Our work is guaranteed and our professional contractors are licensed and insured.



Zook & Pepper’s design philosophy is to make it personal and ensure a sense of love for every space we touch. Beginning with research and inspiration, we move through the stages of interior design to find you the most efficient and tasteful solution, while adhering to practical measures such as budget and timeline. Our favorite projects are taking what the client already has (along with some new additions) to makeover & shed new life and love for the client’s home or space. 


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